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  • Business Team

    Management Jon W. Lindberg, MBA, CAE, Chief Executive Officer
    Christine Ginsberg, Director of Operations
    Marketing Jon W. Lindberg, MBA, CAE, Chief Executive Officer
    Signy Roberts, Marketing and Graphics
    Cindy Robinson, Marketing Communications Manager
    Medical Journal Glenn Collins, Publications Director and Managing Editor, Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
    Lupe Soto, Editorial Coordinator
    Karen Parks
    , Editorial Assistant
    Carolyn Sperry, Editorial Assistant
    Meetings Jeff Devine, Global Event Strategist
    Amie Devine, Director of Meetings and Expositions
    Maegan Rice, Senior Program Manager
    Kim Ruff
    , Senior Continuing Education Officer
    Membership Jenny Richard, Director of Member Services
    Sarah Barrah, Member Services Manager
    Barbara Buscema,  Member Services Representative
    Mission Jenny Richard, Director of Community Relations
    Terri Compos
    , Community Relations Manager