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Health Policy



This is your opportunity to get involved with the NEW ACRM Health Policy Networking Group at the ground-floor. Help identify the critical issues this group will address, recruit colleagues in the field, or step into a leadership role as chair of a task force.

Contact the Health Policy Networking Group chair, Gary Ulicny, PhD, FACRM to learn more.



At the Mid-Year Meeting last May, the ACRM Health Policy Networking Group sponsored a “Rehabilitation Summit” designed to bring together the interdisciplinary rehabilitation community to develop consensus positions on health policy issues that affect our field. We are pleased to say that as a result of the Summit we have produced our first document entitled, Determining an Essential Benefits Plan for Rehabilitation and Habitation Services and Devices: A Value – Based Approach.

As you may know, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that by 30 September each state must identify a “benchmark” health plan that they will use as a template to design a plan that meets the essential benefits provisions outlined in the ACA. We know that many of these small plans provide limited coverage or time-limited benefits (e.g., 15 inpatient rehab days).

For this reason, 18 rehabilitation organizations have banded together to advocate for a benefits package that meets the diverse needs of the people we serve. The guidelines set forth in our position paper represent the principles that should be used by each state and the Federal Health Exchanges.


We are asking every member to contact their state officials, either personally or in writing, to advocate adoption of these guidelines. Please follow the links below to access useful documents and contact information.

1) Printable electronic version of the guidelines.

2) Sample letter or email to state officials that you may personalize for your own use.

3) Links to contact information for the Governor and Insurance Commissioner for each state.

Although a national list of Insurance Commissioners could not be found, we do have their phone numbers and are confident that they can provide you an email contact upon request. We believe that if the members of all 18 organizations contact state officials, we will be recognized as the unified voice of a large group of people.

In addition, please share this email with appropriate people in your organization who can also make contacts. There is strength in numbers.

This is only the first document and we hope to share others with you. Although the final determination of how benefits will be structured is likely to take a while, we urge you to contact your state officials before September 30th.

Thank you in advance for your efforts.
ACRM Health Policy Networking Group


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