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    The ACRM Brain Injury Interdisciplinary Special Interest Group (BI-ISIG) promotes high standards of rehabilitation practice, education, and research among interdisciplinary professionals with common interests in brain injury.

    The BI-ISIG holds two meetings per year, one a mid-year spring meeting and the other, an annual fall meeting, which is held in conjunction with the ACRM Annual Conference, Progress in Rehabilitation Research.

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    “What does ACRM mean to YOU?"

    James Malec, PhD, FACRM
    Indiana University School of Medicine/Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana




    Click to See Conference Programming Relevant to Brain Injury Rehabilitation5 Tracks of Brain Injury Content at the ACRM Annual Conference

    Join us at the 2016 ACRM Annual Conference, Progress in Rehabilitation Research in Chicago this fall, for 5 tracks of NONSTOP educational content focused on brain injury rehabilitation. Plus, dive deep into intensive Pre-Conference Instructional Courses or Workshops on a wide variety of brain injury topics.

    Up to 42.5 hours of CE available.

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    Congratulations to BI-ISIG Elected Officers

    The following candidates were elected by the membership to serve on the BI-ISIG Executive Committee. They will take office during the BI-ISIG Summit on 3 November at the ACRM Annual Conference in Chicago.

    Kristen Dams-O'Connor

    Chair-Elect, Kristen Dams-O'Connor

    Tessa Hart

    Secretary, Tessa Hart

    Alan Weintraub

    Treasurer, Alan Weintraub

    Kristine Kingsley

    Communications Officer, Kristine Kingsley

    Dawn Neumann

    Program/Awards Officer, Dawn Neumann

    Monique Pappadis

    Early Career Liaison, Monique Pappadis



    Two ACRM Members Receive BIAA Awards

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    Click to View Announcement


    2016 Mark Ylvisaker Memorial Pediatric Brain Injury Symposium

    Rehabilitation Interventions for Pediatric Brain Injury: Challenges, Opportunities, and the Role of Everyday People

    WED, 2 NOV // 2:15 PM – 3:30 PM

    Shari WadeShari L. Wade, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and Director of Research, Division of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

    This talk will focus on the emerging evidence base for rehabilitation interventions for pediatric brain injury including the growing evidence supporting the efficacy of problem-solving and parenting-skills interventions. Emphasis will be placed on the quality of existing evidence, challenges and opportunities for advancing pediatric TBI intervention research including using novel trial designs to address heterogeneity within the population. Consideration will also be given to how TBI interventions can incorporate “everyday people” such as parents and teachers into their design and implementation.

    Dr. Wade is a pediatric rehabilitation psychologist and professor of pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine and has investigated social environmental predictors of recovery from childhood traumatic brain injury for more than 25 years. She recently developed and tested web-based problem-solving and parenting skills interventions to facilitate child and family adaptation post injury. She is particularly interested in supporting the translation of empirically-based treatment strategies into the standard clinical care. Dr. Wade’s research has resulted in more than 140 peer-reviewed publications and she the inaugural recipient of the Jane Gillett Award from the International Pediatric Brain Injury Society.

    Learn More About Mark Ylvisaker >>


    Stacy Suskauer

    Stacy Suskauer Recognized as the 2016 Joshua B. Cantor Scholar

    Congratulations to Stacy J. Suskauer, MD, recipient of the BI-ISIG 2016 Joshua B. Cantor Scholar Award.  Dr. Suskauer is a pediatric physiatrist and is Director of Brain Injury Rehabilitation Programs and Director of the Brain Injury Clinical Research Center at Kennedy Krieger Institute.  She is an Associate Professor in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.  Read More >>


    Now Accepting BI-ISIG Early Career Travel Scholarship Applications

    The Executive Committee of the BI-ISIG is committed to supporting early career involvement in the BI-ISIG and its task forces. Attending the Annual Conference and connecting in person with fellow task force members is a great way to stay involved. We also hear your concerns and know how difficult it may be to obtain travel funds needed to participate. To assist active, early career members who wish to attend the 2016 conference in Chicago, the BI-ISIG is pleased to offer three travel scholarships—valued at $650 each. Don’t miss this opportunity to network and collaborate with experienced brain injury professionals and advance your career!

    Self-nominations are welcomed.

    Nominations are due 15 August 2016.



    Early Career Mid-Year Meeting Scholarship Recipients

    The BI-ISIG is pleased to announce the 2016 Early Career Travel Scholarship recipients. We would like to thank everyone who applied for a scholarship and congratulate those of you who were selected this year. We are confident that all three recipients will make an invaluable contribution. This year's recipients are:

    Maria Kajankova


    Maria Kajankova, PhD
    Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai



    Shital Pavawalla, PhD, ABPP-CN
    Sutter Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

    Emily Nader



    Emily Nalder, PhD
    Rotman Research Institute, University of Toronto


    CLICK to View SPRING 2016 IssueMoving Ahead

    This semi-annual newsletter of the ACRM BI-ISIG, reports the news, updates, progress, and opportunities that spring from the group’s many task forces and dedicated members.

    Read it now.



    • Moving Ahead semi-annual newsletter
    • BI-ISIG Task Forces
    • Continuing education
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    • Development of position papers
    • Joint research opportunities



    Donna Langenbahn


    Donna Langenbahn, PhD, FACRM
    Rusk Rehabilitation, NYU Langone Medical Center
    New York, NY

    Lance Trexler

    Past Chair

    Lance E. Trexler, PhD, HSPP, FACRM
    Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana
    Indianapolis, IN

    Jennifer Bogner


    Jennifer Bogner, PhD, ABPP-Rp, FACRM
    Ohio Valley Center for Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Prevention, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center
    Columbus, OH

    Alan Weintraub


    Alan Weintraub, MD
    Craig Hospital
    Englewood, CO

    Karen McCulloch


    Karen McCulloch, PT, PhD, MS, NCS
    UNC Chapel Hill
    Hillsborough, NC

    Monique Pappadis

    Early Career Officer

    Monique Pappadis, PhD
    University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston
    Galveston, TX

    Kristine Kingsley

    Communications Officer &

    International Networking Liaison (Ex-Officio)

    Kristine Kingsley, PsyD, ABPP-Rp
    Rusk Rehabilitation, NYU Langone Medical Center
    New York, NY

    Dawn Neumann

    Program/Awards Officer

    Dawn Neumann, PhD
    Indiana University School of Medicine
    Indianapolis, IN