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    The ACRM | American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine is an organization of rehabilitation professionals dedicated to serving people with disabling conditions by supporting research that:

    • promotes health, independence, productivity, and quality of life,
    • meets the needs of rehabilitation clinicians and people with disabilities.

    In order to enhance current and future research and knowledge translation, ACRM:

    • assists researchers in improving their investigations and dissemination of findings
    • educates providers to deliver best practices, and
    • advocates for funding of future rehabilitation research.

    The ACRM is a global community of both researchers and consumers of research, in the field of rehabilitation. ACRM is the only professional association representing all members of the interdisciplinary rehabilitation team, including: physicians, psychologists, rehabilitation nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, recreation specialists, case managers, rehabilitation counselors, vocational counselors, and disability management specialists.


    2013 Report to Membership: Five Extraordinary Years







    We enhance the lives of people living with disabilities through a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation. As leaders in the physical medicine and rehabilitation field, we promote innovative research, new technologies, and sharing information, and encourage evidence-based practices in clinical settings.

    Leadership Role

    As rehabilitation science continues to evolve, ACRM’s goal is to keep the community connected by creating opportunities to exchange and share information among clinical practitioners, rehabilitation researchers, knowledge brokers, research funders, provider organizations, healthcare payers, and industry regulators.

    The ACRM encourages leaders in rehabilitation to identify current best practices and best providers at all levels of care, and share this information via education meetings and the journal, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

    The ACRM aims to support interdisciplinary leadership and practice innovation to ensure that people living with chronic disease or disability have access to effective rehabilitation services throughout their lives.

    The ACRM serves as a forum for creating and discussing new treatment paradigms that take into account the composition of the rehabilitation team, the duration of care, and the venues required to achieve optimal functional outcomes for people with chronic disease and disabilities.

    The ACRM is dedicated to:

    • serving as an advocate for public policy and legislative issues that support individuals with disabilities and providers of rehabilitation services,
    • helping develop innovative and cost-effective models of collaborative care and comprehensive rehabilitation management,
    • leading research efforts that examine and develop the most effective clinical technology and treatment paradigms, and
    • initiating dialogue with payers and regulators to communicate the collaborative care models that produce positive rehabilitation outcomes.

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